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Our Story

From the beginning, Fishop became a favorite place for seafood lovers. As a restaurant specializing in fresh fish, we made sure to work with local fishermen and well-known suppliers, to ensure the highest quality of fresh caught fish. This focus on freshness and quality made our customers feel an unimaginable taste in every dish prepared at Fishop.

Our Chefs

The head chef at Fishop is the selector of fresh seafood. He has a close relationship with local suppliers and fish caught the last few days, ensuring that only the best and freshest products are part of our kitchen

The chefs at Fishop are a talented and passionate group with a driving force behind every gastronomic experience at the bar.

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Today, Fishop is considered one of the most favorite places for seafood in Tirana. Through our unwavering values, amazing taste and excellent service, we have built a great history that continues to grow day by day.

Where to find us

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Our Fishop Market in Tirana brings an exceptional seafood experience to the capital. With a commitment to quality, taste and fresh tradition, we create opportunities for our customers to enjoy fish and the taste of the sea in many ways.